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            This c.d. features Ciro Fogliatta & The Blues Makers at  their  Harlem Jazz Club concert in Barcelona.

Of all the blues bands that have appeared in Europe recently, Ciro Fogliatta & The Blues Makers is perhaps one of the few that has kept the essence of American black music.

The sound of the band loyal to the old blues school is based on a powerful rhythm section and three great soloists. They rescue the Rag the Boogie-woogie and with the  Shuffle, Swing., country Blues and Chicago Blues take us from New Orleans to Chicago on an imaginary journey.

We can say that Ciro Fogliatta & The Blues Makers is an Argentinian Blues Band with a German motor because it brings together four musicians born in Argentina. Ciro Fogliatta(piano & vocals), Claudio Gabis (electric guitar), tito Larregui (electric and acoustic guitar, bottle-neck & vocals), Ruben Giorgis (double bass & vocals) and a tremendous drummer.Volker Ledwig from Cologne (Germany).

These five musicians achieve an elegant style where the sources of blues and Swing. blend with a certain influence from the British blues Band of the 60´s. Despite their fidelity to Rhythm and Blues, the Blues Makers lay out a bridge frome the Blues to its issue: Classic Rock and Roll with exiting results. We must mention the inestimable participation in the recording of the huge blues woman Loti Lewis, Joan Pau Comellas on harmonica and Andres Calamaro singing some Argentinian Rock Classics.

Finally, the undeniable latin influence on Ciro Fogliatta & the Blues Makers comes from their country of origin Argentina, with more than thirty years of a rock and roll movement including some of the blues Makers members as principal artists.

Ciro Fogliatta & The Blues Makers is a band of the 90´s that brings to the present blues scene a new air formed by the talent and the experience or five musicians with a long career and sensitive expression.

Welcome to the enjoyment of the freshness of live music, made with a careful heart-felt musical production.

Jorge Chicheltnizky.

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