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        Juan Ciro Fogliatta was born in Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina. The son of Juan Francisco and Esperanza Garcia. Ciro studied Economic Sciences and Music (piano and clarinet) and worked in a State Bank from seventeen to twenty-one. He made his first musical perfomance playing the piano in a Dixieland Band of Rosario in 1960.

In 1963 he founded his first rock-group "The wild cats".

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In Buenos Aires in 1965 and under the name of "Los Gatos Salvajes" recorded his first album for "Music Hall"

In the middles 67 next to Litto Nebbia, Kay Galifi, Alfredo Toth and Oscar Moro and under the name of "Los Gatos" recorded a single for R.C.A.Victor called "La Balsa" that reach the Chart’s Top selling 300.000 copies.

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"La Balsa" became the hymn of the Argentine hippies.

In 1969, after he recorded three l.p’s with "Los Gatos", he went to the U.S.A. setting up residence in the Greenwich Village of New York.

He frequently attended the Fillmore East (the Temple of rock in those days), jazz and blues bars such as "The Villague Gate", "The Electric Circus" in St.Markus Place street etc. and he identified himself with the Hippie North American Movement against the Vietnam War sharing the same ideals and being friend with Luis Aboulafia, Andy Warhol etc

In 1970 came back to Argentina rejoining "Los Gatos" and recording three new albums with Pappo Napolitano as the guitarist of the group. In 1971 he went to Europe, first London and after Spain, living in Madrid and touring throughout the country.

In 1972 came back again to Argentina where he founded the group "Sacramento" recording two l.p’s with them. Also played and recorded with many others argentinian bands like "Espiritu", "Polifemo", "Blues Banda", "Nito Mestre y Los Desconocidos de Siempre", "Dulces 16".

In October 1979 he moved definitively to Spain where he lives at present. In 1980 he played keyboards with the rock & roll band "Carolina" recording an unedited album produced by Alain Milhaud (the "Black is Black" producer) for the label K-Tel.

In 1981 he founded "HotDogs", a rhythm & blues quartet and he still appears nowadays with them. Ciro also played and recorded with several Madrid bands like "Rubi y Los Casinos", "Mermelada", "Los Elegantes" "Los Secretos" and "Moris".

In 1984 he was the musical conductor of Carlos Borsani Rock-Opera "Hamlet" performed for the first time at the "Rock Ola" of Madrid.

In 1992 appeared with "HotDogs" in the "San Fernando Blues Festival" of Madrid sharing stage with blues masters like Louisiana Red and Carey Bell.

Finally in 1996 he made a live recording album with "The Blues Makers" in the Harlem Jazz Club of Barcelona edited by Sara Records of Madrid.

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